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Although Life Before 30 is my home on this cozy little corner of the Internet, I selectively contribute to a variety of other sites. Please contact me at for more details on how we can collaborate!


Fast Company

The Counterintuitive Career Lesson I Learned by Traveling the World


This is How Your Random Facebook Friends Can Help You Land Your Dream Job


Six Ways I Built a Career Traveling the World in My 20s


I’m Living Proof That It’s Time to Redefine the American Dream


Fortune Magazine Online 

Ways to Turn Wanderlust into a Career Path


Being Miserable at Work Doesn’t Mean You Have to Quit


How to be an Entrepreneur with a Day Job


7 Words That Can Help You Figure Out Your Life Purpose


How to Make a Major Life Decision in 9 Steps


What a Group of Burmese Punks Have to Teach You about Life, Work, and Entrepreneurship



Huffington Post

The Unexpected Way a Year of Travel Completely Broke (And Rebuilt) Me


9 Mistakes People Make When Looking for a Job Overseas — And What to Do Instead


Why Avoiding Student Loan Debt Was The Best Thing I Ever Did for My Career


8 Lies We Tell Ourselves About “Finding Our Passion”


What It’s Really Like to Be a World-Traveling Digital Nomad


Business Insider

A woman who moves every 3 months for work shares the 15 things she never travels without


12 Tiny Transformations That Will Improve Your Life


How I Changed My Life and Career in 30 Days


15 Ways to Nuture Greatness in Your 20s


Why I Quit My Job to Travel the World


10 Ways to Make the Most of Relationships in Your 20s


LinkedIn Tricks I Bet You Aren’t Using


What Motorbiking Across Bali Taught Me About Life and Success


22 Steps to Figuring Out Your Next Career Move


How I traveled to nearly 50 countries by age 25 without sacrificing my career goals


8 Lies You’re Telling Yourself While Trying to Find Your Purpose


Matador Network

Complete Author Profile


Thought Catalog

10 Simple Rules for Making the Most of Relationships in Your 20s (14,400 hits)


20 Tough Questions Every Twenty-Something Should Tackle Today (10,000 hits)


How to Change Your Life in Two Minutes


Watching People You Know Get Married When You’re 25 and Single


The Only Piece of Advice We Really Need


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 Beyond New York and Milan: Africa’s Role in the Global Fashion Arena  


Daily Muse

 3 Practical Things to Do When You Have Too Many Goals


Brazen Careerist

5 Easy Ways to Accomplish All of Your Goals



The Slow Travel Manifesto


Interview: CEO of Africa’s Leading Ecotourism Company


Surviving Winter in the World’s Coldest Capital


5 Easy and Scientifically-Proven Ways to Improve Your Sleep


Escape the City

Should You Go to Grad School? A Rational Analysis


Project Eve

My 30-Day Life Overhaul


Go Overseas

A Practical Guide to Finding International Jobs


How to Use an Informational Interview to Get a Job Abroad


How to Continue Networking on Your Gap Year


10 Tips on Working Abroad in a Foreign Language


How to Leverage Volunteering Experience Abroad to Get a Job


29 Moments Only Study Abroad Students in China Will Understand


How to Put Volunteer Experience Abroad on Your Resume


10 Things NOT to Do When Dating Locals Abroad


Is It Safe to Study Abroad in the Middle East?


8 Things You Should Know Before You Study Abroad in the Middle East


Why Women Who Volunteer Abroad Are Our Heroes


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Reach to Teach

Reflections on Life from the Mongolian Steppes


Challenging Cultural Stereotypes with Poise and Finesse


Practical Guidelines for International ESL Job Hunters


Interviews and Mentions

Coverage in French newspaper, Le Nouvel Observateur 


Contributing Editor Interview: Why I travel, how I got into blogging, and what is the craziest thing I have ever done while traveling!


UNC Alumna Interview: How did my education and university help prepare me to have an international career?




About Me

About Me


Hi, I’m Elaina and I want to help you live life on your terms, find a career you love, and travel as often as you want. 


I’ve lived, worked, and traveled to more than 60 countries, including some pretty off-the-beaten path destinations like Mongolia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Paraguay. I’ve also lived out of a suitcase as a full-time nomad for the past 4.5 years, ever since leaving my management consulting gig in New York back in 2013 when I landed an international role at a media company that sent me all over the world to work. You can read my full story here


What makes my story unique is that I’ve traveled AND built a professional career, working for companies like IBM and Uber over the years. I’ve also spent long stretches of time freelancing and traveling adventurously through South America, Asia, and Africa. I’m currently freelance writing, coaching professionals through career transitions, and working on a few small business ideas while splitting my time between Berlin, the US, and India. 


I write about self-development, digital nomadism, charting unconventional life paths, finding REAL jobs overseas, pursuing long-term travel, and living more purposefully in a fast-paced, confusing world. There’s simply no one-size-fits-all model for creating a life you love. I’m not a full-time digital nomad and I’m not a full-time corporate professional: I’ve done things a bit differently and I think it’s feasible for more people to live “off the beaten path” this way. I hope my blog lets you see that it’s both possible and practical.  


I started this blog because I want to help you find an exciting career, travel the world, break the norms, and develop yourself both personally and professionally. Read on or get in touch to set up a 1:1 session with me:

As Seen On

As Seen On

As Seen On

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Current Location

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